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In life and business, one thing’s for certain – Change

Over time your needs will change as you respond to an ever-evolving market.

The great news is we have a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions tailor made for our customers.

Solutions that have changed and evolved as our customers have grown, supporting their business every step of the way.

And we can do the same for you…

Our range of ‘value add’ solutions have been developed since 1998 as we have adapted our business to deliver a complete outsourced logistics service.

Here are some of our key solutions…


Our modern efficient warehouses are strategically located across East Anglia, predominantly along the A14 corridor. This makes us the perfect ‘hub’, nicely placed in the centre between the UK biggest and busiest port, Felixstowe, and the retail industry.

Reworking Goods

We can take delivery of your goods direct to our warehouse and before delivery to your retailer, retail distribution centre or consumer we can:

  • Re-box your goods into branded packaging
  • Re-label your goods for stock control & reference
  • Re-pack your into consumer branded boxes
  • Re-label your goods to comply with safety or consumer legislation

Customer Services

Do your end consumers need help and support?

We provide telephone support services taking calls from UK consumers on anything from help using a product, ordering spare parts or dealing with product faults.

All calls are taken in the brand names of our customers providing a seamless extension of their business.

Our award winning Customer Service Centre can provide you with a flexible and innovative approach to looking after your consumers and protecting your brand.

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Product Repairs

From time to time products will fail either from an inherent fault or through misuse from consumers.

We can take calls direct from consumers, assess the product failure and decide the most appropriate route for resolution.

If the product requires repair our team of qualified engineers can conduct a suitable repair, test and return to the consumer.

We can also recall the product from the consumer for further assessment to determine product failure and carry out the correct resolution.

Quality Assurance

Through our reengineering team we can provide full Quality Assurance Programmes on the following levels:

  • Where you have products not manufactured by you but sold under your brand. We’ll take delivery from the factory and provide a quality checking process on all or a percentage of the products
  • It can also be where you’d like quality control on certain parts of a product
  • Where products need to have quality control to achieve safety & product conformity
  • Or as part of a consumer investigation to establish if and how a product may have failed

All of these services can be conducted under your brand or as Century Logistics

Returns Processing

We’re able to assist you with managing your returned or end of season stocks.

We can rebrand or repackage the stock in order to resell to consumers. We’re able to assess the stock to ensure it is fit to be resold.

This ensures that you maximise sales opportunities and release capital.

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Century Logistics is a leading re-seller of customer returns, returned stock and end of line products. For our Nursery & Toy clients we own and operate two of ebay’s largest shops, Nursery Savings and Baby Value.

Over the last two years we’ve sold over 50k items generating an additional £3m of revenue for our clients, essentially turning dead stock into cash.

To maximise sales values our e-commerce team grades returned stock, catalogues and lists sale items. Where required they’ll carry out refurbishment to products to make them saleable or increase they grade.

They’ll also de-brand goods or boxes to protect normal retail sales as required.

Where goods are beyond economic sale they’ll break items down and sort into recyclable or disposal bins.

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