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Why Century?

We know the most important success factor for your business is getting your goods to your consumers. This may be through retail distribution, online direct to the end user or a combination of both.


Century deliver…every day

Our innovative, cost effective delivery solution has been at the core of our business from day one. And we know what it takes to get your products to your consumers first time, every time and as importantly, saving you money.

So what sits behind our successful solution…

Our People

Over 50% of our team have been working for Century for more than five years. So you can count on Century to have an experienced team that know how to get your goods to your retailers and consumers, cost effectively and efficiently.

Our Performance

With industry leading pick accuracy & stock accuracy across all contracts you can be assured we’ll get your orders right first time all of the time.

Our Locations

Our warehousing is primarily placed to serve the port of Felixstowe, the UK’s biggest and busiest container port. Over 40% of the UK’s containerised trade passes through Felixstowe.
Carefully chosen to provide the right balance between locations, low rents and employment costs, our warehouses will minimise your costs.

Our Flexibility

We have in excess of 250 deliveries a week into our warehouses. The contents of each load are carefully checked for accuracy and damage and booked into stock.
Our work processes are flexible enough to allow us to use either customers stock control systems or our own warehouse management system.
Either way you’ll have complete visibility of your stock and management information.

Our Possibilities

Using the appropriate warehouse management system, orders are received directly from you, your retailers or consumers into our warehouse.
One of the key features of Century’s service is the ability to offer distribution of goods on three levels:
1. Whole Pallet – this is typical when we’re delivering full pallets of one product into your retailers distribution centres.
2. Case – we can pick multiple cases of various products to build a mixed pallet for delivery to your retailers distribution centres. Or a single case order for delivery direct to a retailer
3. Single Item – this is where we pick and deliver a single item to your retailer or consumer.
We can cater for any route to market you may have now and in the future with ease, this is what we do each and every day.

Our Difference

Is the range of additional services we can offer.

By outsourcing your entire logistics operations to us, you’ll be free to concentrate on growing your business…

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