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Prince Lionheart

Prince Lionheart & Century Logistics In New Partnership

Exciting times ahead for two innovating companies…

Prince Lionheart has been designing and manufacturing family inspired products since 1973. Today they have announced a new partnership with Century Logistics in the UK to provide warehousing and distribution services.

“With Century Logistics’ proven excellence in warehousing and logistics solutions, we are wholly confident in their ability to service our customers to the standards we require” says Georgiana Browne, Head of Europe at Prince Lionheart.

Century Logistics plays a key role in the supply chain, helping British, European and global baby and toy companies meet customer requirements for the storage and distribution of goods to both retailers and consumers. Their service allows their customers to concentrate on their core business activities, they can focus on growing their brands and becoming more profitable. And their unique costing model enables customers to turn a number of fixed costs into variable costs.

“This partnership will allow us to focus on what we do best; invent, design and manufacture products that matter, are safer, or just plain better. We don’t do things simply for the bottom line; we do things because they are the right things to do for the ongoing growth and success of all our business relationships. We are extremely happy to find in Century Logistics, another family business, with similar values and principles at its core” continues Georgiana.

Based in the US, Prince Lionheart was founded by Tom and Linda McConnell originally hand making rocking chairs in their garage. Today it’s run by their children Kelly and Michael, they have their own manufacturing facility and sell innovative products across the world.

“We’re very proud and excited to be starting this new partnership with Prince Lionheart” said Stephen Basey-Fisher, Century Logistics’ Managing Director. “It further demonstrates our expertise in this sector and our ability to help companies focus on building their brand and sales revenues, with less cost and less hassle.”

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