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Free Logistics Health Check

“Do You Need To Grow Your Business But Your Logistics Operation Is Holding You Back…”

Century Logistics Health Check

Does your logistics operation:

  • Cost you less than 7% of your gross retail revenue
  • Flex up & down relative to customer demand
  • Generate you revenue
  • Leave you to focus on growing your business

If you’ve answered No to all or any of the questions…

“Then it’s time your logistics had a FREE health check”

For a limited period we’re offering free logistics health check, so you can find out if your logistics:

  • Is costing way more than it needs to
  • Is set up in a way that allows peaks & troughs in customer demand
  • Could generate revenue through the sale of returned and end of line stock
  • Could run more efficiently freeing your time to focus on growing rather than managing your business

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Why Century And Why FREE?

Century are the UK’s leading award winning provider of warehousing, logistics and after sales services. We store, pick, pack and deliver in excess of 500,000 shipments per year!

We’ve grown our own business by demonstrating expertise, developing trust and building relationships. Industry feedback tells us how difficult it is for you to know if the service and cost of your logistics is good or bad. So we’ve put together Logistics Health Checks, allowing you to benchmark your logistics for free

And you’ll get a honest report from us

If we believe your logistics can be better, we’ll provide recommendations and a no obligation quotation to provide those services. If we can’t improve your operation we’ll tell you. What have you got to lose?

What Will Happen Next?

Step 1: Initial Meeting

We’ll contact you within the next couple of days to arrange for us to have an initial meeting. In this meeting I’ll need about 45 minutes of your time to understand your business and collect key business data

Step 2: Logistics Model

From our meeting and your key business data, I’ll run your operation through our logistics modelling tool

Step 3: Report

In our follow up meeting I’ll deliver to you a full report of my findings. Where required the report will outline recommendations with indicative cost savings, efficiency improvements and revenue generation opportunities

Limited Offer

As you can appreciate our Logistics Health Checks are time consuming, therefore we only conduct one per week and this offer will only run for a limited time

So you need to get in quick… contact Lynn today:

  • Sales@centurylogistics.co.uk

  • 01284 413 100

  • Or complete the contact form NOW

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